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UBC PHYS 253 Robot Competition Summer 2010

I heard someone asking," is there a wild robot movie"? I think there are limited releases in previous years. But now our focus is on this robotic competition.

The theme for the 2010 robotic competition is to have 2 robots racing on one track that has 2 lanes. There is also a slow robot that act as a dynamic obstacle. The robot we build must be able to avoid both the slow robot and the robot we are competing against.

Class: PHYS 253 (Robotics)
Language: Processing
Compiler: Wiring
Other Team Members: Kevin Zhou, Colin Leung, David Pan
Party Van Description:
Our robot, Party Van, is the winning robot of the 2010 UBC PHYS 253 robot competition. Our robot is built base on the stable and steady objective. This competition is held annually for second year Engineering Physics students. The main idea of this competition is to build automated line following robot.


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