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Foundation of Computer Vision: Photometric Stereo

Photometric Stereo Photometric stereo is a technique in computer vision for estimating the surface normals of objects by observing that…

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EPICWheelS the Android App

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Quaffle the Quadrotor

Quaffle is an autonomous quadrotor flying robot. The robot uses an Arduino Mega 2560 processor. The inertial measurement unit is…

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FPGA, Jan 2011 - Apr 2011

FPGAClass: EECE 355, Digital Systems and Microcomputer Language: VHDL, Assembly Compiler: Quartus Other Team Members: Sean Yang Description: This course has 3 major assignments:…

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SymCalc, Sep 2010 - Dec 2010

SymCalc is final project for my EECE 310 (Software Design) class. We have ported a C# library called Math.Net for…

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UBC PHYS 253 Robot Competition Summer 2010

I heard someone asking," is there a wild robot movie"? I think there are limited releases in previous years. But now our…

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3D Space Space Simulation

This is an extracurricular project I made after finishing EECE 478 (Computer Graphics). Source code can be downloaded here. Language:…

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3D Campus, Jan 2010 - April 2010

This is the final assignment for my EECE 478 (Computer Graphics) class. The idea is to use the 3D building…

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3D Model and Viewer, Jan 2010 - April 2010

The image on the left is a 3D model I made. It was first made on google sketchup (image on…

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